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We have developed a solution focused on your day-to-day needs! Access all your company's data, on a single integrated platform, accessible from anywhere.

You will be able to check energy consumption and values in real time and in detail, the status of your cards, manage the usage limits of each card and be sure that your invoices are predictable, detailed and will be centralized in a single platform for financial processing.

Miio Fleets
Miio Fleets


Invite your employees, assign cards with a ceiling and do all the financial management from a single platform.

When inviting the employee, he will be able to view his balance through the miio mobile application. No surprises!

Did you know that all cards in your fleet can be digital?

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Miio Fleets

Total control and economy

Control your employees' consumption limits, automatically block cards and avoid abusive use. No surprises at the end of the month!

It's easy to know how much you pay to each sector with our exclusive price breakdown, and greater organization to declare your taxes efficiently with the export of previous invoices in volume for a defined period of time.

Did you know that you can have your entire fleet on prepayment?

Do more with fewer resources

See the current status and activity of all your vehicles, monitor your sessions, and remotely terminate charges.

With the miio fleets solution, your company will be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency, based on the graphs provided based on the consumption of your fleet over time, and analysis of actions!

Did you know that your company can now benefit from electric mobility?

Miio Fleets

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Discover the tools to easily manage your fleet with an integrated solution

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Include all your drivers and have until two costs centers or different payment plans

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For big fleets

More drivers, more payment plans and we still offer the personalization of your cards

€ 100,00



The best of miio Fleets

Market profissional tools including bulk invoices export and API integration

€ 400,00


Discover all the features included in each of the plans in detail directly on our dashboard.

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